Automate your distribution management easily

Distri is present in form of cloud-based web portals and mobile apps designed specifically for distributors and SMEs. Single platform for the entire needs of your distribution business.

Why cloud-based apps?

Say no more to transferring data from paper to system. The field team can simply use their mobile apps for their daily activities and the manager can access the results directly on the website. By utilizing internet connection and our sophisticated technology, data is stored centrally, orderly, and securely. Anytime. Anywhere. Without any additional devices.

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Other advantages that you can get from cloud-based apps

Lower Costs

No additional fees for server devices and maintenance. Subscription fee per month only, at a more affordable price.

High Scalability

Pay based on the number of active users without any need for massive investment in the beginning. We are ready to accompany you from the start and as your business grows. 

Most Recent Features & Easy Access

Enjoy free feature updates for better user experiences, as long as you subscribe. By connecting to the internet, access from your computer/laptop and smartphone easily.

Data Security Guaranteed

Officially ISO certified and standardized, Distri implements data encryption with complex algorithms. Data is stored securely, backed-up, and is updated instantly.

With those benefits, cloud-based application systems are more in demand

77% of businesses in Indonesia have already used cloud-based technology and 83% of them feel that cloud helps them meet their business needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Compare with conventional application

Conventional Distribution Software
Cloud-Based Distribution Software
Requires the purchase of a physical server
No server investments needed
Data Accessibility
Limited access on certain computers
Unlimited, access anytime and anywhere
Cost and Maintenance
Lot of costs for device installation, system development and maintenance costs
More cost-effective with subscriptions per month
Data Security

Data loss if the storage device is damaged

Centralized cloud server storage accompanied by back-up

Storage Capabilities

Need a new storage device if the data usage exceeds capacity

Flexible storage capacity, included in subscription fees

System Functionality

Fixed system functionality throughout the usage, with no additional updates

Periodically updated features to improve functionality and user experience

5 reasons to choose Distri as your business application

Find the convenience of managing all your distribution business requirements in one platform. No need to pay for other applications, Distri comes with the comprehensive features that your business needs.

Distri is designed specifically with a modern & simple look. Ease users in absorbing information with a single view.

Our system has the same technology as Advotics that has been trusted by dozens of multinational principals and hundreds of distributors to digitize their supply chains.

Distri is one of the selected partners to develop solutions on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) platform and has been certified by the ISO 27001 standard in information security.

To ensure that users can utilize Distri as much as possible, we provide a complete user guide that can be accessed anytime and a support team that is always ready to answer your question.

Discuss your business needs with us

Ask us anything: pricing, features, benefits, etc. Our sales team is ready to provide the best solution for your problems.