Integrated distribution ERP with complete features to support your business development

Advanced cloud-based features that back all your distribution activities

Sales Management

Transparent and detailed workforce performance management

Automatically collect, track, and monitor all employees activities, locations, and reports. From sales visits, offline orders, up to e-commerce sales orders data.


Visibility in inventory management

Updated stock management integrated with omnichannel sales activities. Access and monitor the stock level and product locations anytime and anywhere.


Monitor financial position and cash flow wisely

Accounting activities from bookkeeping, financial position reports, up to company income statements. Presenting financial information from various business activities accurately.


Flexibility in payment and billing management

Integrated with the order fulfillment, the invoice is automatically created from sales activities. It is also equipped with approval features, payment status, to maturity date notification.


Easily assign and track delivery orders 

Get the flexibility of assigning couriers as well as visibility in shipping status tracking. Collect digital proof of delivery, from photo documentations to recipient’s electronic signatures.

Business Analytics

Utilize real-time data for data-driven decision making

Improve quality in decision making with the latest business insights in the field. Identify area of improvement, performance progress/setbacks, up to KPI achievements through dashboards and reports.

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